The school’s mission and core values place ‘educating the whole child’ at the forefront of our work. It is simply, for students to reach their academic potential and develop the character skills and leadership qualities they need for success and happiness in life.

Most people would probably associate ‘good character’ with qualities like honesty, humility, responsibility and selflessness. But it can also describe someone who works well in a team and sticks to a task until it’s finished – or who is able to bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Our approach to character education has been inspired by a body of solid research that demonstrates the connection between character strengths and achieving good grades. Studies also show that character is not determined at birth, and that many virtues can be developed at school. We also appreciate the value of good links with parents and their agreement on the importance of character.

Our eight ‘pillars of character’ blend performance and moral strengths which are highly predictive of success in education, a career and life.

And of course, our motto Nihil Nisi Optimum, nothing but the best, remains a constant reminder of the high standards to which we must aspire.

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