Emma’s charity chop

YEAR 8 student Emma Hollingsworth shows kindness and generosity, by having her hair cut off to benefit children suffering from hair loss.

For 12-year-old Emma donated her long locks to the Little Princess Trust – a charity which uses real hair to make specialist wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment or suffering other hair loss – after hearing that hair donations could help a child deal with the trauma of hair loss.

Emma’s long hair was put in a plait and then measured (donations must be at least 17cm long) before the hairdresser cut it off using a pair of kitchen scissors!

The hair was then carefully parcelled up and sent to the Hereford-based charity, from where it will be sent to wig manufacturers and on to a child in need.



Emma's hair before the chop...

Emma’s hair before the chop…

And then after

And then after!

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