National Campaign Champions at Carlton le Willows

TWO Year 9 students  have shown great professionalism after being selected to represent the East Midlands as ‘Campaign Champions’ – roles which will see them lobbying parliament as part a campaign to improve global education.

Geography students Ella Henry and Ella Foster are two of only four students selected from Nottinghamshire (and just 22 across the UK) to become Campaign Champions for the international Send my Friend to School Campaign.

Now the 14-year-olds will join fellow champions from across Britain, some from as far afield as the Isle of Wight and Orkney, to call on world leaders to ensure that every child across the world gets a quality education.

The girls have already taken part in a two-day residential training course to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to lobby their local communities and also at a national level and aim to work with students at the Academy and infeeder primary schools to create a powerful message to send to government.

Said Ella Henry: “We are so excited about this opportunity to make a difference – big or small, and fight for something that is a global problem which affects 263 million children. Children’s education may not be daily headline news in Britain, but it is a global problem that needs global attention.”

Ella and Ella community champions


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